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Shipping & Returns

Terms & Policy

1. Introduction


1.1 All users and buyers of the VW Interior Depot Platform (the “Buyers”) are expected to conduct themselves in a manner as set out in this Buyer Policy, in addition to the VW Interior Depot Policy, the Platform Terms of Use and all applicable VW Interior Depot terms and conditions, all of which are incorporated by reference in this Buyer Policy.

1.2 We are committed to building a trusted and reliable platform for our community and the Buyer Policy ensures that the VW Interior Depot Platforms operates in a safe and orderly manner, with the aim of creating a pleasant shopping experience for all users.


2. Policy and Enforcement


2.1 A Buyer shall comply with the rules set out in this policy.

2.2 If a Buyer fails to comply with the rules, VW Interior Depot may take any one or more of the following actions without further notice or warning:

a.Suspend, cancel, terminate or reverse any transaction carried out by the Buyer on the VW Interior Depot Platform;

b.Amend or remove affected messages or content; remove any feature that may be available to the Buyer; and/or remove (in whole or in part) the Buyer’s access to the Platform; and/or

c.Restrict, suspend or terminate the Buyer’s transactions.


2.3 The rules set out in this policy are non-exhaustive, and VW Interior Depot reserves the right to take other enforcement action, including the filing of reports with the regulators or law enforcement agencies, if we find any misconduct by a Buyer.

3. Warranty. 7 days replacement and 90 days service warranty.  Hardware items are not included with the replacement terms. All items are inspected and documented. VW Interior Depot serves the right to charge any damages to be repaired.




1. All agreements made in any of the official communication channels of VW Interior Depot, or any policies posted thereon, has to be honored.

2. Do not engage in any fraudulent activity. For example:

a.Do not mislead or defraud VW Interior Depot and/or any other users of the Platform; and

b. Do not register accounts for the purpose of creating fake transactions.

3. Keep all transactions within VW Interior Depot.

a. All transactions originating from VW Interior Depot shall be completed within the Platforms.

b.Do not engage in offline payments or transactions with other users of the Platforms.


c. Do not lure other users to engage in offline transactions outside of the Platforms. For your own safety and to protect against scams, do not accept requests to engage in offline transactions outside of the VW Interior Depot Platforms.

d.Do not redirect a sales transaction to other platforms and/or avenues.

e. All payments for VW Interior Depot transactions have to be completed within the Platforms.

f. All exchange of messages and information should be done within the official communication channels available on the VW Interior Depot Platforms.

VW Interior Depot shall not be liable for any transaction made outside of the Platforms.

  1. If the Cash-On-Delivery (COD) option is available, do not select the COD option and provide a false or incomplete shipping address, or reject the delivery without any valid reason. For example, rejecting a delivery of a defective product would be considered as a valid reason.

2.Post Transaction

1. Do not place orders for the sole purpose of submitting untrue reviews.

2. Provide honest feedback about products and services.

3. Do not post any review or other content that is inappropriate, irrelevant, discriminatory, threatening or in violation of any law.

4. Do not misuse returns.

a. Buyers are not allowed to damage the item before returning.

b. Buyers are not allowed to use the item before returning, with the exception of return reasons which allow it (ie. Change of Mind).

c. Buyers are allowed to return received items that were not as described on the product listing.

5. Do not initiate a payment dispute when a refund for the item has already been issued by the seller or your payment service provider.

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